Maximalism : A Boon Or A Bane

After years of chanting “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” finally a bold and extravagant design trend ‘Maximalism’ has been started as a reaction to minimalism. The concept of less is more is shifting to the idea of more is more….But only time will tell if being conspicuous and vivid is going to last long in the design world.

Maximalism as the word suggests is exactly the opposite of minimalism which used simple forms and smallest range of color and material possible. On the contrary, Maximalism hold the philosophy of breaking all barriers and setting one’s mind free to mix different patterns, colors, materials and styles to bring out one’s personality in a given space.

Very often, maximalism is thought to be clutter. Here are some tips from Arty Aunt that would help you style your home keeping the essence of maximalism but at the same time not making it a bane!

  1. To come up with a beautiful and harmonious color palette is most essential. While having doubts open up a color wheel on your mobile and choose colors that are either lying next to one another or ones that are bang opposite to each other! One can never go wrong with these combinations. P.S. – Adding a dash of metallic can always make the space look a bit more opulent.
  2. Don’t be afraid to use different patterns It’s really all about the confidence! The lesser your inhibitions, the better the room will come out….So throw in those florals with geometrics and stripes confidently and see the room have a personality that matches your own soul!
  3. Don’t restrict yourself while talking furniture. Mix and match different shapes and forms. Add that curved sofa with a traditional high back chair. Who said metal and wood don’t look good together? Throw the rule book out the window and experiment with different materials and finishes.
  4. While choosing the upholstery experiment with different and rich fabrics and prints. And add ‘em layers! Layering is the key to tie everything together. It is what makes any room look chic and tasteful. Layering the sofa with differently sized and patterned cushions, adding throw blankets and rugs would immediately create a sense of comfort and warmth.
  5. A room without art is a room without soul! Fill the space up with artefacts and paintings. Adding a mirror can always help the room look bigger and the reflections can work wonders to make the space opulent and luxurious.

Lastly, have fun and enjoy while redecorating, spaces always resonate these energies in the final look. When in doubt, trust your instincts…they can never go wrong!